Teen Hampton is for Me!

Yep – Teen Hampton is definitely for me! I’m Ethan and I’m 15 years old and I love Teen Hampton! So I figured I’d tell you a little bit about me and the camp.

I like Teen Hampton more than any other camp I went to because I can choose what I want to do. Especially when you get to be my age, who wants to be told what to do? (Okay, well sometimes it’s okay…) but at Teen Hampton we don’t get “assigned” what we have to do, but rather we have a “choice” in what we want to do.

Last summer I loved the trip where we went to Splish-Splash and also when we went sailing. It was AMAZING! I also went golfing every week with the camp golf program and improved my skills. (Bethpage Black Course – Here I come!)

One of my favorite memories from last summer was when we made homemade pizza at an after camp evening activity with Rich, the Art Specialist. We made the “Meat Lovers” pizza and it tasted great!

Some of my favorite activities at Teen Hampton were videography and band. I participated in both every day. I also made a short video and learned how to play the drums (I had never played the drums before), BUT because I was able to learn how to play, I became the drummer for a band at a concert and we performed at Teen Hampton in front of a live audience! It was awesome!

I am really looking forward to this summer (I really can’t wait!) where I can enhance my drumming skills and play lots of golf!

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