Special Events & Spirit Days




Camp spirit, tradition and continuous fun keep our campers coming back year after year! Special Events are planned throughout every week of camp and add even more excitement to our already action-packed program. From our TGIM (Thank Goodness It’s Monday) shows to Spirit Day Wednesdays to Special Event Themed Fridays, all of our “special” programs are designed to keep campers enthusiastic about camp not just every day of the summer, but every year they come back.

Special Events

Spicing up our program on a weekly basis are our themed Special Event days. Campers and counselors love dressing up and getting into the spirit of favorites such as Wild West Day, Superhero Day, Carnival, Rock Star Day, Group Unity Day and Wet n Wild Day!

Spirit Day

Our campers will tell you that EVERYONE looks forward to Wednesdays at Hampton Country Day Camp to participate in another wild and wacky Spirit Day! At the beginning of the summer, we divide all of our campers and counselors up into two teams, blue and yellow, and every Wednesday we run activities throughout the entire day for each team to score as many points as possible. It’s important to note that campers not only score points for “winning” the activity that they are participating in, but more importantly, for also exhibiting the most spirit and best sportsmanship. Spirit Day always gets kicked off in the morning with what we call a “Spirit Day Showdown,” where campers and counselors compete in fun contests to get the energy and spirit up right away! Throughout the afternoon, our campers play in a variety of games, relays and contests that always emphasize teamwork and giving it their best shot. All in all, Spirit Day is about packing as much fun and excitement into camp as possible!

TGIM (Thank Goodness It’s Monday)

Monday mornings are special at HCDC with our famous “TGIM” (Thank Goodness It’s Monday) programs, designed to welcome our younger campers back after their weekend at home – magic shows, interactive music concerts, animal shows and much more!