Housed Staff FAQ

I'm a Housed Staff member, where do I stay?

Housed staff members stay in “bunk/cabin style” housing units during the summer and we provide transportation to/from camp each day. Please understand that all camp rules and policies apply to our staff housing facilities and we will review them as we get closer to Orientation.

What are my working hours for camp?

With some exceptions, counselors work from 8:30 am- 4:15 pm Monday thru Friday. All housed staff have nights and weekends off.

Do we need additional health insurance?

American staff members are covered under the New York Workman’s Compensation Law for injuries sustained while on the job or in the performance of one’s duties. The treatment of any injury incurred in an activity which is not sanctioned by the camp will be at the expense of the employee. Staff members should carry their own comprehensive accident and health insurance for any non-work related injuries or illnesses. International staff must be covered by private insurance provided by the sponsoring agency.

Where does the staff come from?

Hampton Country Day Camp attracts a culturally diverse staff. While most of our staff is American, we have a number of counselors joining us from Canada, Great Britain, Ireland and beyond!

Do we need to bring towels and linens?

Yes. We will send you a list of things that you might find useful to bring once you are hired.

How are we paid?

Total Compensation as per your contract is divided into two equal parts: Salary and Completion Bonus. Checks will be distributed bi-weekly and your Salary will be pro-rated for time worked during each 2-week time period. Please note that your Total Compensation will be pro-rated for time missed and our Perfect Attendance Bonus requires perfect attendance for all orientation and camp days. All required camp forms must be turned in prior to receiving a check.

What should I bring to camp?

For international staff we will send you a list of things that you might find useful to bring once you are hired.