Ready for Camp? Camp is Ready for You!

With the clock ticking and camp only hours away, you’re probably having some sleepless nights in anticipation of getting ready for your HCDC summer to begin in just a few short days!!! How excited are you???  EXCITED???  Because we’re just as excited too!!!  What a week it has been!  (And the campers aren’t even here yet!)

Our staff has arrived from all corners of the world over this past week and we have been very busy preparing them for the summer.  Our Head Staff have been working hard all week long training counselors and specialists alike, while all of the new staff have been learning the skills necessary to provide the best care for the health, safety & well-being  of our campers.

We’ve been working hard getting ready for the arrival of our campers.  So get your smile on and get ready for the best summer ever, because we’re ready for you!!!

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