It’s a Sibling Kind of Summer at HCDC!

This week we touch base with a trio of siblings to find out what they love most about their summers at HCDC!

Hi – I’m Max!  I’m the “big brother” and all three of us go to Hampton Country Day Camp!  My sister’s name is Dani and my little brother’s name is Alex.  We live in NYC with our mom and dad and our basset hound Sydney.

I love playing sports.  Baseball is my favorite but I also like to play basketball too.  I am a HUGE sports fan and love watching the Yankees, Knicks and Giants games whenever I can.  I love going on family vacations and we went to Grand Cayman and Florida this year.  It was so much fun swimming with the stingrays in the Grand Cayman.  A little scary, but it was amazing!

I have been going to HCDC since I was 3 years old.  I’m turning 8 next month and this summer will be my 6th summer at HCDC!  I love doing all the sports at camp – especially gaga which I don’t get to play during the school year.  I love the counselors at camp too.  My favorite memory from last summer was when I won the STARFISH raffle.  It was really exciting.  I can’t wait for this summer to start!!!

Favorite Book = Magic Tree House series
Favorite Color = Yellow
Favorite Song = Gangnam Style by Psy
Favorite Game = Ping pong

I’m Dani and I’m the middle sibling.  I’m on a gymnastics team and I also love to swim.  I started going to HCDC even before I turned 3 years old!  I will be 7 this summer in August and this will be my 5th summer at Hampton Country Day Camp.  I love my camp friends that I have been with every summer soooooo much.  My favorite memory from last summer was when I reached the top of the rock-climbing wall.  I was so proud of myself! I also love the Show Time Club where we put on amazing shows.  I can’t wait for this summer to start so I can see my camp friends every day again!

Favorite Book = Biscuit series
Favorite Color = Light blue
Favorite Song = Beauty and a Beat by Justin Bieber
Favorite Game = Hide and seek

I’m Alex and I’m the youngest! I’ve been going to Hampton Country Day Camp since I was 3 years old.  I love gymnastics and swimming. I will be 5 in June and this summer will be my 3rd summer back at camp.  I LOVE riding the Thomas the Tank Engine train that goes around camp. It’s so much fun! I can’t wait to go back to camp this summer.

Favorite Book = We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
Favorite Color = Green,
Favorite Song = Country Roads
Favorite Game = Shoots and Ladders

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