HCDC All-Stars: Ian Sylvester

As mentioned in an earlier post, we here at the Hampton Sun decided that you should get to know some of our staff people that work tirelessly to ensure that our campers have a fantastic summer. So without further ado, our next victim… ah hem… er… I mean…. Our next person up at bat for our All-Star line-up is (this is where you imagine the very dramatic drum-roll…): Ian Sylvester!!!


Sports & Special Events Director


(Nickname Background: Last summer there was one camper who was very quiet and shy. One day he came up to me as basketball was ending, points at me and yells CHESTNUT!!!  Why?  I have no idea!  But the other kids in his group came over and started chanting CHESTNUT CHESTNUT!!! From that moment on everyone in his group would only refer to me as chestnut. And as things go at camp, the nickname spread and  now everyone calls me Chestnut!  To tell you the truth, I’m not sure that any of the kids even know my real name at this point. Some of the parents even call me Chestnut at pick up and dismissal!)

Dover, Delaware

Years @ Camp:
Four Years

When I’m not at HCDC, you’ll find me:
Traveling in some far away land with my overstuffed backpack, a couple used travel guides, and a nine month supply of Malaria medication.  🙂

Favorite HCDC hangout:
The basketball court, so I can hop in and challenge the campers to a game of ‘knock out.’

What do I most love about HCDC?:
I love the spirit days. All the campers get dressed in their teams colors and camp buzzes with team cheers.

Favorite Activity:
My favorite activity at camp is the boys and girls Super Sports League.

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