TEEN Hampton 2011

We are very excited as we enter our second year as directors of Teen Hampton. We have been communicating with our staff throughout the year to ensure that we bring our teens another summer of unique, exciting, and fun filled summer activities.

This summer our special theme days will include Hawaiian Day, Blue/Gold day which again will include an Apache Relay, and a ‘60’s day. Our off campus trips will include spectacular ventures to Laser Kingdom, Country Fair Park (with unlimited go-karts! A favorite of everyone!), Survivor on the Beach, and Splish-Splash.

Our late nights will give our teens the opportunity to stay with us after the program normally ends for an evening of special events such as night-time swimming and BBQ dinners. We are pleased to note that our new chef this year is a whiz at BBQ’ing!!!

Our staff is already busy planning for some ‘reality show’ activities, which will include Top Chef and Project Runway, so be prepared!

Our music and dance specialists will again work with our teens so that they will be able to demonstrate the skills that they have learned throughout the summer AND we have added yoga and Zumba to our dance and fitness programs.

As part of our program we also encourage our teens the value of “giving back” and assisting others.  So this summer, we will again participate in a local food drive and use our skills, with the supervision of our staff, to build several booths to be used at our sister camp’s Carnival. Our teens will also have the opportunity to work at these booths during the carnival and present a positive role model image for the younger campers at HCDC.

We look forward to seeing you all in just 18 days!

Herb & Lisa Silkowitz

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