STARFISH Inspires Counselors to Write Book

STARFISH is a program that was developed by Jay Jacobs, our Executive Director here at HCDC, which teaches and rewards positive behavior in children. The values that are taught with STARFISH not only supports the camp’s mission of teaching children the skills of making and keeping friends while building self-esteem; it also creates the environment that makes it possible.

S portsmanship
T olerance
A ppreciation
R espect
F riendship
I ntegrity
S ensitivity
H elpfulness

Two of Hampton Country Day Camp’s counselors, Hallie Rose and Ben Wiley, decided to write a book, “Starfish,” based on their experiences as camp counselors at HCDC and the STARFISH Values. Combining a wonderfully written poem by Halle Rose and colorful illustrations by Ben Wiley, Halle explains why they decided to start this project: “The simple act of spreading positive behavior can help build stronger character in our children and create better communities as a whole. A small act of kindness can make a big difference! Spread the STARFISH!”

You can preview a sampling and/or purchase Halle and Ben’s book at:

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