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fullsizerenderWhoever wrote Disney land is the happiest place on earth had clearly never visited HCDC.

Until arriving at camp I’d never been to a place where kids were actually put first. From the pow wow in the morning, to sending them home on their busses, staff and campers are smiling throughout and having a great time.

Every counsellor and specialist devoted to making sure each kid had the best summer of their life and accidentally having the best summers of their lives as well

I couldn’t think of any other way I’d want to spend my summer either as a camper or a counsellor.

Being a part of such a like minded team put all my nerves at ease pretty much on day 1. Any worries about meeting new people or a new job were quashed instantly. We became a family within minutes and knew far too much about each other within hours. It feels like you’ve known these people for years when it’s only been days. Camp is the best place to form new friendships.

I can’t thank HCDC enough for giving me the opportunity to spend my summers in the beautiful Hamptons with some of the best people I’ve ever met.


img_0154Working at Hampton Country Day is one of the best decisions I have ever made. What better way to spend your summer than being in the gorgeous Hamptons, surrounded by the most amazing people, and having the chance to make a real impact in the lives of so many campers.

Without a doubt, the best part of working at camp is the people. The staff are incredible and come from all over the world. Everyone is kind and enthusiastic and genuinely love their jobs; it is such an infectious environment, it is hard not to have a smile on your face all the time. Not only are the staff great, but the campers are one-of-a-kind too. There is no better feeling than coming back for another summer, and having your old campers shout your name across camp because they’re excited to see you—even though it is week 7 and they’ve seen you every day the past 6 weeks. Those connections are real and last, and leaving at the end of the summer does not get easier.

I cannot thank HCDC enough for the rewarding, memorable summers it has given me. The end of those 8 weeks for me is bittersweet, because although camp is over, I always smile knowing it is just a short 10 months until another “great-so-great” summer.


Processed with VSCO with c1 presetThe past five summers I have spent working at Hampton Country Day Camp are incomparable to any other experience I have ever had. Being from the area, and attending the camp when I was younger, allowed me to be exposed to people I never would have had the opportunity to meet. From now having best friends on the other side of the country, and the other side of the world, the different lifestyles I am exposed to allow me to grow as a person myself.

They are my family. HCDC is my home.

Although I am at HCDC to watch after children and have a lasting impact on them, it ends up being a two-way street in which these campers become my best friends, and are teaching me lifelong lessons that I would not be able to learn anywhere else.

These campers allow me to wake up with a smile on my face every morning, and never fail to make me shed a tear at the end of the summer. From then, I know only 10 more months until I get to do it all over again.


jenny1Hampton Country Day Camp was supposed to be a one-time summer job during college, but it turned out to be more than I ever imagined! I found myself genuinely excited to wake up early on a summer day to go to work and see my campers. Each day brings a new opportunity to make a difference; whether we are playing sports, enjoying a pool party, working on a new art project, or singing our heart out in showtime I always found myself having just as much fun as the campers.

Each year when I return I cannot wait for the moment I am reunited with the friends I have made. Although we only spend a summer together, you will make friendships that will last a lifetime with people from all around the world! I cannot imagine my life without them or the camp, so I keep coming back!

The staff and campers create an amazing energy unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Hampton Country Day Camp will become the job you wish you could have all year round!

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