Share Your Creativity for the Holidays!

Creativity for Holidays

Being creative and what comes out of that creativity is the best gift you can give someone during the holidays!  Whether it’s something that’s handmade using clay, paper, glue and markers, or making-up a dance routine, writing a poem, or writing your own story, anything that comes from the heart is always worth sharing with loved ones.

At camp, we’ve always strived to encourage creativity with our campers, so what better time to show-off some of the things they learned over the summer, and share it with family and friends than during the holiday season?  Here are some ideas:

Creativity for Holidays DANCING: Ask your child to make-up a dance routine and strut their stuff! Call it dance. Call it exercise. When kids move to music, they call it fun! Our campers had a blast not only learning how to dance, but they also had fun choreographing their own dance routines too.

SINGING: Whether it was a camp song or division group cheer, lyrics put to music always have a message. Encouraging our campers to feel like they have a voice as part of a larger positive message is always fun, especially during Spirit Days!

Creativity for Holidays

BAKING: How about letting them create a fantastic dessert for you?  No need for too much of a mess. Gather all the supplies, lay them out and then let them go crazy!  Maybe some ice cream, crushed cookies, chocolate syrup…etc.  Anything that would make for a great ice cream sunday, but let them create it their own, assemble it for you, and then serve it to you! They’ll love knowing that they made something yummy just for you!

WRITING OR ACTING OUT A SHORT PLAY: Writing stories is something every child loves to do. Even better, to act it out too is always a blast.  At camp, our summer performances and talent shows were always a huge hit!  By creating and/or acting out a story, our campers learned to organize their thoughts and use language to communicate with everyone in a variety of ways that always brought smiles, laughter, and cheers to all!

Our campers had so much fun learning and doing so many things this past summer!  Any one of these fun and creative ideas would make an ideal and memorable unique gift!

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