I have More Fun at Camp Than Anywhere Else!


Hi Everyone! My name is Ava and I’m from New York City.  I have 1 brother and his name is Chase. He’s 3 years old.

I’m in the 1st grade and I like to dance, do gymnastics, draw and sing. Even though my name is Ava, and pretty short as it is, my nickname is “A”!  My favorite book is The Relatives Visit, my favorite color is green, and my favorite song is “Anything” by Selena Gomez.  My favorite saying is “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade with it!”

Ava My family and I spend our summers at the beach in the Hamptons and we heard that Hampton Country Day Camp was THE best camp! And it is!  I have been at camp for 3 years and want to go for 100 more!  What I love most about camp is dancing and playing on the playground.  I remember when I climbed to the top of the rock wall at camp, everyone was cheering and yelling for me. It made me feel really awesome!

Going to Hampton Country Day Camp has made my summer in the Hamptons the best summer I could ever have there.  I have more fun at camp than at any other place and I can’t wait to go back!

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