Here We Come!

I was so excited to make my 1st trip to the new property which was to become Hampton Country Day Camp!!! It was a cold and drizzly day last February when Dave, Jane and I headed out east to our new location on Buckskill Road.As we drove through the camp’s beautiful, old wrought-iron gates I found a construction site with two partially completed buildings, three large holes in the ground (the soon-to-be new pools!) and athletic playing fields that existed only in my imagination. Since then, the progress that I have observed over my last three visits to the camp has been quite remarkable. The pools have been completed, our state-of-the-art kitchen has been fully installed, our playground and athletic fields have been laid out and the interior of the buildings have been transformed in to what I can only describe as “magical.”

I can now envision what this beautiful camp site will become once it is filled with the laughter of children running around and forming new friendships this summer. With 1,000 trees currently being planted, our camp-circling train track to be completed, and the installation of multiple blue and white canopies throughout the property, I am certain that HCDC will have one of the finest (and most beautiful) camp sites the Northeast has ever seen!


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