Gabrielle & Lyla LOVE Special Event Days!

Gabrielle’s Favorites Hobbies: cooking, swimming & art.
Lyla’s Favorite Hobbies: tennis, piano & swimming.

Gabrielle and Lyla are from New York City and are very excited to return to Hampton Country Day Camp this summer.  They’re enjoying their last year of nursery school and will start Kindergarten after the summer.

Both girls joined HCDC as Stepping Stones Campers at the age of three.  This coming summer (Summer 2013) will be their third summer and they are looking forward to being part of Main Camp!

When Gabrielle was asked what she loves most about camp, her reply was: “Cooking on Thursdays, Carnival, turkey meatball day, staff shows, and POW WOW.”  She is also looking forward to swimming and being with her summer friends once again.

When Lyla was asked about camp, she said she loved Spirit Day, Pirate School of the Hamptons, Fourth of July, Turkey meatball day and POW WOW.  The staff shows were her favorites though this past summer.  She is looking forward to seeing her friends and swimming every day again.

The girls’ mother tell us that they both speak of camp throughout the entire winter and are so looking forward to our little yellow bus showing up again each morning!  They can’t wait for the games to begin!

Check out some of the Special Event days the girls had so much fun at along with our other HCDC campers!

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