Camper Isabella Donates Hair

(Isabella on the left, donates her hair!)

One of our campers has been doing such an incredible, selfless act, that we wanted to share this with our camp community.  Isabella has been donating her hair, 2 years in a row so far, to Locks of Love.  The first time she was only 4 years old!

Isabella’s mother explains:

When Isabella first donated her hair, she had one brother, Alexander.  By the time she donated her hair again, her second brother Patrick had been born. We are a happy family of 5 and we live in Key Biscayne, FL.

I have always felt strongly about helping people when you can.  This is something I have tried to instill in all of my children. Isabella has been donating her used clothing every year to organizations and to people who can use them. Alex has been donating his clothes and toys to his younger brother, Patrick.   For Isabella, when she was 3 years old, we introduced the idea of letting her hair grow 12 inches so that it could be long enough to cut and donate to a charity that makes wigs for children who cannot grow their own hair – “Locks of Love”.  She loved the idea and was so excited to grow her hair long.  She would ask me to measure it almost monthly to see if it was long enough to donate.

On that very first drive to the salon, Isabella could not have been more excited. I still remember it like it was yesterday.  She was talking about how long it took to grow and how it would be so nice to help someone feel more comfortable with the way they look.  After her hair was cut, I couldn’t believe it, but she immediately asked me how long it would take for her to grow her hair long again so that she could make another donation!

When I hear Isabella telling others about having done this she is so proud to tell people that she donated her hair not just once – but twice.  She is always happy to help/give in any way that she can.

Although my son Alex was not old enough to understand what Isabella had done when she donated her hair the first time, he has since understood what she was doing and why she was doing it.  He asked her to cut it as short as his so they could have more hair!

Congratulations Isabella! You are an inspiration to all! 🙂

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